Sunday, April 10, 2016

West NYC x Saucony Shadow 6000 “Fresh Water”

Despite being situated in New York City, West NYC has developed a countryside theme when it comes to hooking concept driven sneaker colorways. Their catalog of collaborations that fit that mold include the New Balance MT580 “Alpine Guide Edition”, the Saucony “Cabin Fever” Shadow 5000 and the  Saucony Shadow 90 “Saltwater”.

For the shop’s latest outing with Saucony, West NYC is working with the Shadow 6000. The theme again is the outdoors, specifically fishing treks to fresh bodies of water.

Here is how West NYC describes their creation…

     The latest version features colors, hues and textures specific to the great outdoors. WEST NYC pulled out all the stops to create the ultimate outdoor hiking and fishing experience. We bring an outdoor color palate scheme and material story that is unique to a sneaker. The upper features two different brown leathers to capture the various terrain one encounters when hiking to their respective fishing hole. Brown premium tumbled nubuck is used on the wrap mimicking the rugged terrain one encounters when hiking to their fishing spot. This contrasts sharply with the white perforated leather used on the toe and side of the shoe for an eye catching look. For a finishing touch, we employed a brown oiled suede on the side panel which mirrors the easy terrain surrounding your fishing hole. The aqua color speaks softly to the clean fresh water you find in lake. Although fresh water is not a true aqua color, it is how we imagine it to be on a sunny serene day.

     Grip tape on the toe, heel and logo represent “no skids” found on a boat. The insole is produced from the same natural cork you find on the handle wrap of a fishing rod. The cork provides super grip on a rod handle. It is the perfect compliment for a shoe’s innersole. This unique shoe was originally themed for freshwater fishing and hiking. The Fresh Water edition also speaks to a famous Chinese proverb dear to my heart. “GIVE a man a fish and you feed him for a day. TEACH a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Having already released in NYC, the kicks released in Europe on Saturday, April 9th. Aberdeen based Hanon will be among the shops to carry the kicks.


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