Friday, November 20, 2015

Spotlight: BOSHOK "Cultural Streetwear for the Conscious Mind"


These days almost everyone has some type of "fashion line". Either they are selling T-shirts, Caps, Beanies or the latest craze "colorful" socks. It all seems to be repetitive. Nothing new, and nothing interesting. Until now. Kix & Lidz would like to introduce you to the brand BOSHOK "Cultural streetwear for the conscious mind" That’s the motto, the mantra.

The brand was founded by Victor Umeh in 2011, fresh out the trunk of a car in Phoenix, Arizona.  B.O.S.H.O.K “Blood Of Slaves, Heart Of Kings”. The name is representation of the struggle and triumph that pays homage to our ancestors, one design at a time. Since 2011 BOSHOK has expanded into retail boutiques through out Arizona, DC, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia.

As BOSHOK continues to work to make themselves a household name with the support from their followers as well as the network of their company continues to increase and gain attention from fashion enthusiasts and others alike. THE ONLY THING BOSHOK ASK is that you never mention them in the company of people who can’t relate to their story.  Those that are supposed to know will find out.  It wouldn’t be a lifestyle if everyone was living it.

The company has propelled itself to new heights with celebrity co-signs from Fat Trel, Michael Blackson, Wale, Freeky Zeeky and YG.  The brand offers a range men & womens items from jerseys to tees on the website:

BOSHOK is a movement, a collective, and a way of life.


CLICK HERE to check out more about BOSHOK 

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