Friday, July 17, 2015

News: Since '85: The Best Air Jordan of Every Year

In 1985, Nike, Michael Jordan and Peter Moore changed the sneaker industry forever with the introduction of the Air Jordan. Safe sneaker designs in predominantly white or black colorways were on the way out, as styles in bold team colors with custom logos became the new norm.

After the Air Jordan 2 failed to live up to the billing of the first, Jordan considered leaving Nike in 1988. However, a fairly new designer with a background in architecture by the name of Tinker Hatfield persuaded him to stick around with another game-changer — the Air Jordan 3. Jordan and Hatfield formed a bond beyond design and collaborated on the line’s most iconic designs. It's moves like this that helped the brand generate buzz to keep our site focused on keeping up with Air Jordan release dates daily.

Now its own brand, Jordan is a multi-billion dollar business that controls majority of the basketball sneaker market. The vast retro line has allowed the brand to only strengthen its position with basketball’s most marketable star now wearing a suit and tie full-time. That’s no surprise to the people who line up every Saturday to buy the newest pair of Air Jordans, some being too young to have ever watched Jordan play a game live. There’s a nostalgia element in play, but the sneakers are also a modern fashion statement and have been since the beginning.

But which Air Jordans are the best of the best? SOLE COLLECTOR took it back to ’85 and selected the best Air Jordan release from every year until now. Since '85: The Best Air Jordan of Every Year...CLICK HERE


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