Wednesday, June 10, 2015

News: The 50 Greatest Custom Sneakers of All-Time

Once a niche segment of the hobby, customization has evolved into one of the pillars of sneaker collecting over the years. No longer are artists just painting kicks — they’re stripping down the materials and recreating silhouettes with an entirely new vision. Brands like Nike and adidas have even commissioned top customizers to work on official projects.

Further validation has been given by athletes and entertainers, who have showcased customs on some of the biggest platforms. LeBron James even wore a pair of 'Iron Man' Nike LeBron 10s by Mache when practicing for the NBA Finals in 2013.

From the early styling of Methamphibian, SBTG and Sekure D to fresh faces like JBF, Revive and Dank, custom sneakers have come a long way — here’s the 50 best. CLICK HERE

Source: Solle Collector

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