Monday, April 20, 2015

News: 10 Celebrities Caught With Fake Air Jordans

Though they may have a little extra income at their disposal, celebrities are prone to buying fake sneakers like anybody else. With a need for ego-feeding exclusivity and locked up schedules, the famous don't always make informed decisions or keep an eye on what their stylists are sending their way. As a result, they're often shipped outright knockoffs or flawed early release pairs from China.

The issue came to a head last week, when sneakerheads challenged Jim Jones on the authenticity of his 'Ring Night' Air Jordan 11 Ray Allen PE. Only two pairs were produced by Jordan Brand for Ray Allen, but a healthy amount of replicas are currently listed on eBay Jim Jones owns one of those replicas, but seemed poised to prove that his connections run deeper than those of even the biggest non-famous collectors. Like most celebs when they're caught with fake product, Jones labeled naysayers as "haters" who are "mad because they don't have them." Right.

But don't fret, Capo. You're not the only celebrity out here stunting in fake Jordans - these are the 10 worst instances.


Source: Soul Collector 

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