Monday, September 16, 2013

Nike AF1 Bespoke: AACG Bespeaux by Aaron Kr.

Nike’s Air Force 1 Bespoke program provides the ultimate sneaker customization experience, going well beyond the achievable limits of Nike iD. The Bespoke design studio at 21 Mercer offers up hundreds of different color and material choices that can be mixed and matched to your every whim and applied to each different panel of the shoe. There are pretty much no restrictions on what you can do to your shoe, and that’s what makes it not only the most premium sneaker customization opportunity available, but also any sneaker aficionado’s dream come true. While the lofty price for a pair of Bespokes is nothing to sneeze at, the chance to have a shoe that you design from scratch actually produced by Nike is hard to top, and it doesn’t hurt that the shoe is the Air Force 1 Low, one of the most timeless and iconic silhouettes in sneaker history.

It’s not often that at Sneaker News that they write stories from the first person, but what better excuse could there be than a Bespoke. Aaron Kr. whipped up his share of Nike iDs over the years, including some AF1s, but had really only daydreamed of taking the actual plunge into Bespoke territory. Some stars aligned and the time finally came to step up to the plate, but after scheduling the appointment, the reality set in that now he had to come up with a color/material layout worthy of Bespoke status. You’ll see what was eventually arrived at in the pages that follow, but Sneaker News also thought it would be fun to bring you along for the ride by taking you through the thought and design process. Keep reading for the inside story on Aaron Kr.'s Air Force 1 “AACG Bespeaux”, and contact Nike’s 21 Mercer store in NYC if you’re ready to bring your own vision to life.

Source: Sneakernews

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